How does the SecurityKISS usage meter work?

The SecurityKISS Tunnel program displays a usage meter for every user. It shows the time elapsed and the amount of data transferred through the tunnel.

The time displayed by the usage meter is different from your local time as it would be impossible to find a common denominator for all users in different time zones. The time cycle starts from the moment you open SecurityKISS Tunnel the first time or when you purchased the paid package.

When is the time limit reset or when does the time cycle begin?
What time is displayed in the SecurityKISS usage meter?

Free version

In the free version the daily usage limit gets reset every 24 hours, but it does not mean that your usage limit is reset at midnight local time. For example: Jim from Canada downloaded and installed SecurityKISS. He opened the application at 6:12 PM Toronto time. That moment means 00:00 hours on Jim's SecurityKISS Tunnel clock and each day at about 6 PM Toronto time the usage meter will be reset. The next day Jim opened SecurityKISS Tunnel at 10 AM Toronto time and the usage meter showed about 16 hours of the new cycle.

Paid version

In the paid version the usage meter gets reset exactly 1 month from the moment of buying the package. For example Su from India bought the JADEITE package on the 10th of November at 1 PM India time. Su's usage limit will be valid till 1 PM on the 10th of December. If she does not buy a new package before that date her SecurityKISS Tunnel will switch back to the free version.