for SecurityKISS Tunnel on Windows

If you got 'Connection failed' message from SecurityKISS Tunnel, please try the following steps:

1. Select different server from the list and connect again

2. Select different protocol on the server list (UDP or TCP) and try again

3. Check your Internet connection and Firewall settings

4. Whitelist SecurityKISSTunnel.exe in Firewall and Antimalware software

5. Uninstall LogMeIn Hamachi software if it is present on your PC

6. Make sure the operating system date and time are correctly set. SecurityKISS Tunnel requires valid current date to work.

7. Check if you are using up to date version of the program. If not, download and install the new version. You can also send an empty email to download@securitykiss.com and we will send back a copy of the program.

8. Run SecurityKISS Tunnel in Troubleshooting mode:

And select Option -> Reinstall TUN/TAP Driver

9. If none of the above steps helps, run the Troubleshooting mode again: