iPad OpenVPN configuration using OpenVPN Connect

In order for OpenVPN Connect to work on your iOS device, the iOS version has to be at least 6.1 or newer. Keep in mind that this method requires to use your PC and email account.

First open App Store and install the "OpenVPN Connect" application.

Now you need to download openvpn configuration files to your computer. You can find them in the client panel

Extract files and email them to the email address which you are using on your iOS device.

Open the email you sent before to your iOS device and you should be able to see Openvpn Connect icons. Tap on the icon and select "Open in OpenVPN Connect".

New window will appear. Tap the "+" button to add sever to the program.

Tap the "Connection" button and wait for connection. If the status changed from "Disconnected" to "Connected" it means that you are connected to the VPN server.

You can verify your actual ip address on our website