OpenVPN on Mikrotik router

To set up OpenVPN connection on your Mikrotik router you will need WinBox, your IP address (IP address from your ISP), openvpn servers IP address, client ID and password. Password and client ID can be found in the activation email. Full server list is available in the client panel

1. Conect to the Mikrotik router using WinBox

2. Now you need to manually set up DNS servers. We will use Google DNS and

3. Remove default route

4. If you correctly followed step 3 you are not supposed to see any default routes

5. Add new static route. Click IP and then Routes. In Routes window click on "+". New route should appear. Click on it. In General tab

Destination (Dst.) Address - ip address you want to connect to. Full servers list can be found in the client panel.

Gateway - your gateway ip address.

6. Create new openvpn connection. Click on PPP and then in the Interface tab on the "+" and OVPN Client.

7. Set the connection up. Is should look like the screens below

General tab

Dial Out tab

8. Click OK