Windows Mobile Phone L2TP VPN configuration

Step 1. Tap on "Settings" and then "Vpn"

Step 2. Tap on the "+" at the bottom of your screen

Step 3. Create a new VPN profile

Fill the fields:

"Server name or ip address" - you need to type in one of the L2TP server addresses to be found in the client area panel

"Type" - L2TP with IPSec

"Connect using" - username+password+preshared key

"User name" - your client id

"Password" - your password from the activation email

"Preshared Key" - you will find preshared key in the activation email or in the client panel

"Connect automatically" - on

"Send all traffic" - on

"Profile name" - you can type anything you want for example SecurityKISS

Step 4. In "Advanced settings" everything should be turned off

Step 5. Open options tab

Step 6. Select "Allow VPN over mobile data"

Step 7. Tap on the profile name and wait for the connection

You can verify your actual ip address on our geolocation website