DD-WRT and Tomato L2TP configuration

This article will help you to set up a secure tunnel to SecurityKISS VPN service from a wireless router using L2TP connection method.

You may also configure DD-WRT routers to connect with OpenVPN connection method which is described here


If you already have access to the configuration page, please check following:

If you already checked the above settings and applied corresponding changes, do not forget to restart the router.

The above will secure and limit access to your network. Now we provide sample configuration to encrypt all the data sent and received. We can do it by setting up the tunnel from the router to SecurityKISS gateway. In this way the transferred data from all devices in the network served by the router is protected without any additional configuration on these devices.

Screenshots come from DD-WRT and Tomato software. If you do not have a router compatible with DD-WRT or Tomato, you can also try to use these instructions.


This example shows how to setup L2TP connection with DD-WRT.

Go to the Status -> WAN subpage and check what the status of the connection is

If everything goes well, you will see 'Login Status Connected'

You can verify if your IP address has changed by opening our geolocation website: securitykiss.com/locate


The setup is similar to DD-WRT:

In order to verify connection status, go to Status -> Overview and check WAN settings.

If Login Status shows 'Connected' you can verify your IP address by opening our geolocation website: securitykiss.com/locate

The above settings allow securing all data traffic in your home or office Wi-Fi network. All devices connected to Internet through your router will use VPN connection.