Chrome OS L2TP VPN configuration

Step 1. Open "Network Connections" and click "Settings"

Step 2. In "Internet Connections" click on "Add connection" and then select "Add private network"

Step 3. In "Add private network" enter connection details:

Server hostname: L2TP server IP - for example "" (you can find the full server list in the client panel)

Service name: Whatever you want for example "SecurityKISS L2TP"

Provider type: Select L2TP/IPsec + Pre-shared Key

Pre-shared key: You can find Pre-shared Key in the activation email or in the client panel

User name: Your client ID (should look like client12345678)

Password: Your password from the activation email

Click Connect

If you can see the lock icon next to "Private network" it means that the connection was successful. You can also select "Network options..." to check your connection details.

In order to double check your IP address by external service visit our website.