Configure Viscosity

This tutorial describes how to import SecurityKISS servers configuration to the Viscosity VPN client. The usual objective is to set up OpenVPN connection to SecurityKISS servers from Mac OS X.

We assume that Viscosity is already installed on Windows or Mac and that you requested access to SecurityKISS Client Area where you can download configuration files for Viscosity and other programs.

After you download the configuration file you need to unzip it to any location on your hard drive

Then start Viscosity and in the Connections tab select 'Import connection' - 'From File...'

Go to the folder where you unzipped the config files and open the folder corresponding to the server you want to connect

Enter the folder and open config.conf

The program should confirm the connection has been imported

The new imported connection should appear in the list

Now you are ready to connect. Select Connect from the right click menu in the tray

After a few seconds the connection status should change to 'Connected'

You can verify if your IP address has changed by opening our geolocation website: securitykiss.com/locate

You can import the remaining config files for other servers in similar way.