Configure Tunnelblick on Mac

This tutorial describes how to configure OpenVPN connection to SecurityKISS servers using Tunnelblick program.

This is a manual method of importing SecurityKISS configuration in Tunnelblick and we recommend an easier alternative - download a customized version of Tunnelblick with embedded SecurityKISS certificates which does not require any additional configuration.

Let's go back to the manual import. The screenshots were taken on Mac OS X 10.7.2 (Lion).

Step 1. Download Tunnelblick

Download it from Tunnelblick website

Step 2. Install and start Tunnelblick

Run the installer

Answer 'I have configuration files'

Answer 'Tunnelblick VPN Configuration'

Step 3. Download SecurityKISS config files

Save the configuration bundle you can download from SecurityKISS Client Area. The link you receive should look like this:

Step 4. Select and configure connection

Open configuration bundle and double click the SecurityKISS server you want to set up

Confirm according to your preferences

Step 5. Test the tunneled connection

Connect from the VPN connections

You can verify if your IP address has changed by opening our geolocation website: securitykiss.com/locate

You can set up other servers from the list in similar way.