Configure OpenVPN in Linux Network Manager

This tutorial describes how to configure OpenVPN connection to SecurityKISS servers using Linux Network Manager on OpenSUSE 12.3

As a prerequisite you need to have root privileges and the configuration bundle you can download from SecurityKISS Client Area.

The following howto was prepared by Anirban Bhattacharya on OpenSUSE 12.3 KDE fresh and fully updated system (kernel 3.7.10-1.11)

The author takes no responsibility if this does not work for you and/or you break your system. This worked for me, and I believe in “Sharing is caring”.

1. Make sure you have


Head over to OpenSUSE sec.nm.vpn if you need details.

2. Open your network Manager (be it Gnome or KDE). Click on VPN, then click Add

3. Select openVPN from the dropdown.

4. Give a connection name.

5. If you have SecurityKISS account, open a browser and go here. If you don't have SecurityKISS account create it here

6. Download the individually generated configuration bundle. (either tar.gz or zip anyone)

7. Go to the location where this bundle was saved and extract it using your archive manager (ark for me) or CLI.

8. Open Readme.txt and select a server. (preferably nearest to you. I selected Bonn/tcp)

9. Quickly check if the same server is listed here and what's its load.

10. Now in the network manager opened in step 4, give the ip address at gateway.

11. Connection type will be x.509 certificates.

12. In place of CA file, browse and select ca.crt

13. In place of certificate browse and select client.crt

14. In place of Key, select client.key

15. Click on optional settings and put the gateaway port as selected in #9.

16. Select LO compression and use TCP connection. (FYI, I opted for a TCP connection in step 9)

17. Click OK.

18. Again click OK.

19. While already connected to internet (via wireless/wired/mobile), click on your network manager. There is a new vpn connection waiting for you. Click on it.

20. If it gets connected, this tutorial has helped you successfully. Enjoy!

Check your ip address at SecurityKISS geolocation or at whatsmyip before and after step 19 and 20.

Anirban Bhattacharya

OpenSUSE and SecurityKISS fan from India.

Note: Feel free to share. Just keep my name in it, as I created it and maybe helped you in a way.