How to use a public Wi-Fi hotspot safely?

If you use Wi-Fi at places like Starbucks, your local cafe or other public places and go about your normal computer activity, it is high time you thought about the security of your computer and your personal data. Hackers often sit around and wait for people who use unsecured networks and reveal their personal data. You can make a few steps to improve your security while using a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

Here are the things you should always do when connecting to a public network:

And here is my last piece of advice: treat all open networks as a security risk. If you want to do any online shopping, connect to your bank account or do any activity that could potentially expose your personal information, please do it at home or office. Remember that in public places there are strangers who can look over your shoulder and in this way steal your passwords, credit card number or other personal details.

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