Protect your identity

We move more and more activites to the Internet, but we seldom realize that we are observed all the time, whatever we do online. The ease of recording and collecting online activities makes Internet surveillance much more harmful for our privacy than CCTV on every corner.

Usually we allow this because it makes our life easier. Personalized search engine show results consistent with our interests, The ads are adapted to our interests what makes them less annoying, social networking websites are able to guess your preferences, other websites offer you not random but profiled entertainment.

Total transparency and personalized Internet, although very convenient, can also be dangerous. We sometimes need objective search results, our interests may change, and we don't want to be provided the content that someone else thinks is good for us. We can be also uneasy about the amount of information stored and available not only to service providers. We need to be aware that some companies have IP geolocation databases that allow identify the building from which a user is connected. It may be used against us.

As a countermeasure you can clear cookies often, however it may erase the remembered profiles on websites you use.

Additionally use SecurityKISS Tunnel. It creates encrypted connection to our security gateway. Apart from making your online traffic non-transparent it replaces your IP address with one of SecurityKISS server IP addresses which represents you on the Internet and makes you anonymous.

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