Hide your IP address

There are many ways netizen's activities can be tracked. The installed programs can spy and report data, browsers store cookies, it is also possible to eavesdrop the main connection link and scan WiFi traffic.

Another thing that identifies you on the Internet is the IP address - the ultimate numeric address which is the source and destination for data you send and receive. The IP address is leased to you by Internet Provider. It may be dynamic - the new address is assigned every time you start computer or reset network connection, or static - assigned once, remains the same even after restarts.

This address is visible to third parties and allows them to track your Internet activities. Even if you have dynamic IP address it's easy to tell where you were connected at the given time. Website providers can also combine information about IP address with cookies. Add to that the IP geolocation databases that allow to pinpoint the user on the map and your privacy and anonymity is gone, what gives the way to steal your identity.

The IP address is also the first thing the attacker needs to know. Without additional protection you can easily become the target for hackers especially if you are an avid online shopper. Although your credit card transactions are protected by SSL, their frequency may attract hackers to focus on the originating IP address.

If you want to be really safe from prying eyes and hackers who want to intercept your personal information, you need to hide your IP. With SecurityKISS Tunnel you are in a secure channel and your real IP address is hidden behind our security gateway facade.

You just need to download and install the program on your PC and click connect. After connecting to the tunnel, tracking your activities by IP is impossible. SecurityKISS service gives you several locations of gateway servers. In this way you not only hide you real IP address. Thanks to SecurityKISS Tunnel you can use online services which are not available in your location, for example when you want to watch online US TV but you live in Europe.

The free version is not a trial - it is a limited version but free for lifetime. No registration, no passwords, no commitments.

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