Bypass censorship

When we use Internet, we are under the illusion that we can access any content, no matter how safe or legal it is.

This conviction is very strong especially in the countries where Internet censorship is more subtle and not apparent.

We often hear about censorship in China or Arabic countries, but we do not realize that in most countries, known for democracy and freedom, the Internet is also censored. It may take a form of a passive surveillance or active blocking by Governments and Internet Providers

The full picture is shown on the map.

No censorship
Some censorship
Under surveillance
Heavy surveillance

Some of the limitations are justfiable for safety reasons, like in offices, universities or to protect children from viewing inappropriate contents.

In most cases however, the purpose of censoring is plainly unethical. For large Internet Providers, blocking access to certain websites is a way to fight competition. For governments, limiting access to information is a way to keep society under control against their will.

Thanks to SecurityKISS Tunnel you can prevent such unfair practices. The program creates an encrypted channel from your PC to our security gateways, so neither surveillance nor blocking is possible.