Unblock Skype

You can't talk via Skype although you have sufficient bandwidth? Your Internet Service Provider blocks VoIP services?

It means that you are a victim of content filtering but now with SecurityKISS Tunnel you can do something about it. First let us introduce you to an interesting history of blocking Skype.

When network administrators want to block a typical application that uses fixed port numbers they can simply change rules in the firewall. All is clear then - the port is blocked and it is easy to confirm using other software (for example by telnet).

This blocking technique is not possible with Skype because it uses random port numbers what makes it more difficult to block. More difficult does not mean impossible, it only requires more advanced tools to do it.

In order to block Skype admininstrators resort to low level filtering: intercept and analyze frames and apply statistical rules.

And this is an especially wicked way - the port is not blocked so at the first glance the user can start and logon without problems. Usually it is even possible to establish a call and it works correctly for a few seconds.

The time of several seconds is needed for the statistical rule to trigger i.e. to collect enough data and to be able to tell with certainty that this is the type of traffic to be filtered out. For some type of traffic where identification is easier this time can be significantly reduced.

After that time the connection is still alive but random internet frames are deliberately delayed and/or distorted. For most applications it is much worse than dropping the connection.

For VoIP applications such as Skype it means extreme voice distortion, unpleasant noise and breaks.

For a regular user it is not obvious that such strange behavior is caused by Internet Provider who swallows part of the frames.

All the wrath falls on the innocent piece of software while in fact the Internet Provider is to blame.

From their point of view such low level filtering has one more advantage. By allowing software to connect and after a few seconds distorting the connection it leads the user astray - such a strategy redirects the complaints to software developers.

Now you can use SecurityKISS Tunnel to wrap up your Skype traffic into encrypted, opaque tunnel. Nobody can see what is inside so all the filtering methods are useless.

Download and install SecurityKISS Tunnel, just click Connect and enjoy the freedom of using Voice over IP.